Growing savings: What if you turn your CTS into a Fixed Term Deposit?

At last! One of the most anticipated dates by the workers who are on the payroll is approaching, the first payment of the CTS of 2018. And although for many it means the opportunity to spend that money, there is something important that you should consider: wouldn’t it be better to take advantage That opportunity to start investing?

Improve your financial situation


If every time you receive an extra income, you are someone who is thinking about what you will spend, what trip you will do or what new thing you will buy for the house, it is time to look for a different option that allows you to improve your financial situation, and the deposit of the CTS is the perfect occasion to do it.

Get a good return in return is in the Fixed Term Deposits


Once you have managed to accumulate the four respective salaries, you can withdraw the surplus, and an ideal way to make it grow during a certain period and get a good return in return is in the Fixed Term Deposits. Its opening is free and you can place the money obtained for the term that you choose, with the condition of not moving it until the contract is fulfilled. Thus, at the end of the term, you will have obtained more profits than you would get in a regular savings account, and above all, you will be practicing the art of investment.

Interest rate be the highest possible

Interest rate be the highest possible

Not all banks and savings banks offer the same conditions, so you should compare the alternatives to make a good decision. Ideally, the interest rate be the highest possible, without any restriction and also that the opening amount be in accordance with the amount of money you have available. To compare the alternatives you can use the Good Finance comparator.

It is true that spending money is one of the biggest temptations, but from time to time it is necessary to review the goals and make decisions that allow us to grow financially. Evaluate your situation and make the decision that suits you.


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